Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to our New Blog Page!!!

 IBD BLOGS....Will contain current information on gastrointestinal research, medications to treat various diseases and disorders, alternative therapies, specific diet and nutrition guidelines, new technology, helpful hints for dealing with bowel difficulties, and explanations of disease processes. If you have any kind of digestive problem, then you'll want this timely, informative publication.
 Our members include a long list of patients, their family and friends, and healthcare professionals as well as business professionals who are interested in the wellness of their workers.This will be another way to deliver & relay up-to-date medical information, in lay terms, to our you!We also are going to document our Journey as Kay , Peggy , Annette and myself  open our hearts and life to you our IBD Family!~traci~


The definition of Hope is the following: “A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”.
When I read the definition I automatically assume that hope is an optimistic feeling of desire, one would rarely hear someone “hope” for disaster ..... The word hope is also referred to in the bible. “with hope, all things are possible.” This word has a great deal of meaning to me, not just because I am battling cancer. The word is relative to all things possible in life. Joy, happiness, success and love. I do not associate that powerful word to wealth or material goods as I do not believe that hope can be found in tangible things.

The hope that I have for my life in particular is about my children and the lives they embark upon. I hope for goodness in their lives. I see it in their eyes, and feel it in their spirits. I have very little possessions in my life; in fact I own very little. I am ok with this, as I have learned that not one material good will give me the joy that life has to offer. The little things in life that we choose to see and hold on to are what makes hope real. For me there are many small things that remind me what life is truly meant to be. The fact that I love geese so much has very little to do with the bird itself, rather the moments that I happen to see one causes me to stop and wonder why they appear at the very moment I am trying to figure something out. That is a blessing for me. Take for example; this past week I experienced more than one person should have to bare, and while trying to explain my feelings to a friend a flock of geese flew directly over me and it caused me to stop speaking and look up....the crying stopped as I realized right at that moment it was not worth the emotions wasted on negativity. So what did the flock of geese mean? Quite simply it served as a reminder to me that life is about joy and what makes you happy.....

Hope is the whisper that God uses to speak to our hearts not our heads.. Truth. God wants us to be filled with love and compassion for not only others but ourselves. The world we live in can be a source of misery and strife, as there are so many negative behaviours and events that destroy our hope. We must find ways to see the small things that make living enjoyable. God sends us blessing every single day, it is up to us to see them, feel them, appreciate them and share them with others.
                                                    ~My Friend ~christine m berry boulous~

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Linda Kelly Lee said...

I am a Registered Nurse and always happy to see medical information blogs. I have had a lot of patients with IBD and it can be very difficult for them. Thank you for such a great Blog.