Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank You all my online friends!!!!!!

Hi My name is Tracy Lynn Ribble and I have crohn's Disease for the last 26 years .Due to the severity of the Crohn's I decided to have a Ileostomy 19 years ago! Growing up When I was diagnosed in 1986 there were no support group or very little people that I knew with an ostomy and that was because It was my family...but we never really talked about it! I found myself very depressed and very sick in 1992 and it lead to downward spiral! This year I found myself spending allot of time in bed and I had chased all my family and friends away...always keeping them at a arms length away! I started to entertain myself with facebook! I couldn't even tell you how I found all these different site about crohn's disease.....soon after I found myself making my own page.....and I soon was helping people with there problems! I started to find that I had an interest in life again which led to to finding other thing and people back into my life again! I may not be cured of depression I still have my day,weeks or monthsLOL! But the point is I'm back into the people that I loves life and trying to love life now!! I started to get board at one point because I really didn't have anyone that was interested in what I was doing? I understand if you dont have the disease its hard to talk to some with the disease about it! So I started meeting wonderful people on the Internet! So I choice Kay a member to share in my creation with me! And thankfully she said yes because it turns out she an old pro at facebook and taught me allot of thing! Its was great to finally have a partner and my friend share this with me!! Over time we have had to add to more wonderful women to the page Peggy and Annette ! Thanks to these woman and there big hearts we have came together to form this awesome web page with over 500 supporters !!! I am so proud to call them my friends!! And I would like to thank each and every member for your support and participating on our page! Without your support I wouldnt beable to do this!! Thank you for respecting the page and most of all I thank you for your honestly! Its not always eazy to open up and tell the stories that are embarrassing!! I promise to make keep making the page interesting if all of you continue to suppoet eachother!!! Thanks Everyone!!!~traci~

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Annette said...

Awe thanks Tracy!! I consider you a good friend with a big heart also. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your page it is an honor to help. ((HUGS)) for everyone!!