Sunday, September 4, 2011

Be true to yourself,and have faith in your beliefs! Steve Jobs inspirational responce

How To Respond To Insults Like Steve Jobs [inspirational]

In this old video made in a conference when Steve Jobs was called back to be Apple's CEO, one of the viewers doesn't agree with Jobs technical ideas and told him that he's completely clueless about the issue... Just watch how Steve Jobs handles the insult and turn it into a very inspirational speech!

What a great video! As you can see, admitting that you are wrong is perfectly fine, as long as you never go out of your success path..........even when life gives you hard deal!! Steve Jobs has a rare cancer,the same rare cancer Ithat my girlfriend has!! Hopefully they will find a cure soon!!! If you would like to Donate to this cause you can do it at Hope for Mom

Be true to yourself, and have faith in your beliefs! 
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Quirks by Annie said...

I had never seen this video...great!!! Thanks for sharing.